I Fly Millennium

Meet RC enthusiasts flying R/C at Millennium Park. A Dad an his Son sharing their adventures.

  • Having a blast with the Micro (UMX) T-28

  • Some models have older brothers

  • Cruising on a Learjet 25

  • Ride on a plane

  • Scale replicas in blue skies

  • A Jet from the DollarStore flies too!

  • Carrier landings!

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About IFlyMillennium

WE LOVE R/C. We are "eternal newbies" (and not afraid to say so), because we are constantly looking to do new stuff differently.
We can fly fast but we are most fascinated with SF (slow flyers), we buy kits and ARFs but we understand that scratch building is "the thing". We love foam but prefer Balsa... you know the saying: "Balsa flies better". Old school? Nope, we love tech!

Learn what inspired us and join us in this adventure!